The customer chooses using the electronic catalog the products and services he wishes to acquire and transmits his order from an order form available on the site to be validated following the instructions. Any order for a product appearing in the site's online store requires prior consultation of these general conditions. Consequently, the customer acknowledges being fully informed of the fact that his agreement regarding the content of these general conditions does not require the handwritten signature of this document, insofar as the customer wishes to order online the products presented in the context of the store. of the website. The customer has the option of saving or editing these general conditions, it being specified that both the saving and the edition of this document are his sole responsibility. In this sense, the customer is deemed to accept without reservation all the provisions provided for in these general conditions. Each order will only be final after written acceptance.


The prices of the products and services invoiced are those appearing on the site at the time of the order. The sale prices displayed are WITHOUT VAT, NET HT. The prices and information given in our catalogs and tariffs are provided for information only. These are those available at the time of printing. They cannot commit us definitively. We reserve the right to make any modification required by the imperatives of production, costs of raw materials, the dollar short, import taxes in force. Prices are ex-depot, shipping is extra unless otherwise stated.


  •  Sale to professionals in Europe subject to VAT:

Material & equipment: sold excluding VAT outside our country (Portugal), you will have to pay the VAT and taxes in force in the destination country on the price of your purchase, For all sales excluding VAT the valid intra-community number is requested for corporations.

  •  Sale to individuals in Europe & not subject to VAT:

Material & equipment: sold including VAT, you will have to pay VAT and taxes in force in the country of our company (Portugal) + 23% on the price of your purchase, Identity card or passport number, this information is obligatorily noted on the invoice in place of the company number.


(Cash payment on order only)

Payment for products and services can be made either by bank transfer (transfer) or by credit card when ordering in secure speedy mountain mode, remains the owner of the products delivered and reserves the right to recover them by any means available. its disposal in the event of default of the final settlement.

For transfers: Once your transfer has been made, scan your transfer order and send it to us by email at the following address: equipment (AT)

Upon receipt on our account, we inform you of the good reception of this one in order to put your order in delivery.

Import Products: the documentation is generally provided directly in the package and in the language of the importing country, namely Spanish, English, German.


Speedy mountain cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or damage inherent in the use of the equipment ordered. Only the purchaser by accepting these conditions of sale becomes fully responsible for the use he will make of the equipment ordered. The purchaser before using his equipment must ensure that his equipment is in good working order and make the necessary adjustments and assemblies before use (solid ground fixings, chain tension adjustment, cables, screws, oil levels, etc. .)

Note: We remind you that a minimum of mechanical and technical knowledge is required for the purchase of these products on the internet, these products arrive unassembled or partly assembled, it is therefore necessary to take all precautions when assembling the products. sensitive elements and security organs. For small breakdowns or misunderstandings you will need to call a professional near you (at your expense this is understood).


The equipment is delivered to you either dismantled (1, 2 and 4 column bridges), or 95/99% pre-assembled. (Scissor lifts, tire machines, cabinets, small tools etc.) For reasons of space, some parts must be fitted by the buyer. If the buyer does not have the necessary skills for assembly, then it will be up to him to have it subcontracted at his expense to a professional.

The buyer will bear all the consequences of any assembly errors attributable to him. The guarantees do not cover the consequences of such assembly errors.

It is also the buyer's responsibility to check the levels: of oil, compliance with electrical voltages. The purchaser will bear all the consequences in the event of use of the equipment with inappropriate oil or electrical voltages.

The lift 1, 2, 4 columns are usually delivered in a large metal case. This contains all the structural elements of the lift, the hydraulic and air hoses as well as the control console with its electrical circuit ready to be connected to the network and to the bridge, are also preset in the factory with hydraulic cylinders and pump. It is necessary to check all the tightening, connections, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic and levels before use. Otherwise the user would bear all the possible consequences.


All our equipment is approved and is supplied with a CE (European conformity certificate) an invoice will be provided to you, or your identity number (identity card number or passport number), brand and model will be noted.


The warranty consists of the exchange of parts recognized as defective or repaired, excluding labor, return and packaging costs. The application of the guarantee cannot have the effect of extending its duration. It cannot also give rise to a return of the device, a partial reimbursement or other compensation for any reason whatsoever. The responsibility of the manufacturer is not engaged and the guarantee is not applicable in the case of defective installation, badly adapted, not in conformity with the standards in force, or the rules of the art, as well as in the case of abnormal use, lack of maintenance or inadequate maintenance, or if the damage has been caused by chemicals, the warranty is not valid if the customer modifies or has modified the elements or part of the device, compared to the original supply. The articles are guaranteed for 2 years, against all hidden manufacturing defects. Parts warranty only.

Details of guarantees:

  1. Motor, pump, structure, large moving parts, guaranteed: 2 years
  2. Cabling, small accessories: 6 months
  3. Electrical part: relays, contactors etc. : 3 months

Note: It is advisable to test your product upon receipt.

In all cases: the return of an item must be done with the written consent of our company.

Defective parts of products under warranty are replaced upon receipt of return to our warehouses.

Be careful when shipping the after-sales service, you are informed by email, the number of parts in after-sales service delivery, are returned to us by the carrier for customer absent reason, for these reasons we will ask you to pay for the postage of the second shipment before shipment by transfer bank, credit card or urgent cash mandate.

We point out that the products are guaranteed parts in return to our warehouse or directly to the importer, after reception an exchange is carried out according to the available stock.

Any package returned without our prior agreement will be refused and returned automatically to the customer at his expense the returned parts must be accompanied by a copy of your invoice, a detailed list and a summary of the problem in which case the package will be refused.

Does not come under warranty: Deterioration and missing part due to transport, as specified previously it is imperative to check your goods upon receipt in the presence of the carrier and to refuse in the event of incomplete or deteriorated product, misuse of the product (bad oil , modification with non-original components, deterioration of the machine following improper assembly, we remind you that it is necessary to check all the so-called sensitive parts of your machine (electrical components, mechanical lubrication and to add all the necessary necessary precautions) Normal wear of mechanical parts Batteries are not covered by the guarantee Our Products are shipped in complete safety by Carrier, By batch: in filmed pallets with the Carrier's tracking number or telephone number.

After-sales service:

The after-sales service is sent by carrier, postage free during the warranty, we will send you a parcel number, however any after-sales service that is returned to us by the carrier for reasons of absent customer or refusal will be pending and will be reshipped in agreement only with the customer who will have to pay the shipping costs in advance.

For any questions: contact us


The resellers and distributors provide the guarantee themselves to their end customers, no guarantee due to the very low price is given on the entire range they assume their entire responsibility for the sale of these products.


The customer has the right to access, modify and delete data concerning him (art.34 of the "Informatique et Libertés" law). To exercise this right, please contact speedy mountain. The only information collected in the form of a cookie concerns the references of the products and services ordered and a randomly generated identifier number.


All disputes are governed by the laws of Portugal and all disputes will be dealt with only by the Courts of our country in Lisbon.

Alternative dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute, the consumer may resort to one of the consumer dispute resolution entities:

CNIACC - National Center for Information and Arbitration on Disputes with Consumers

Faculty of Law of the New University of Lisbon - Campolide Campus

CIMAAL - Center for information, mediation and arbitration of consumer disputes in the Algarve

Ninho de Empresas Building - Estrada da Penha 8005-131 Faro

Coimbra District Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center

Av. Fernão Magalhães, n.º 240, 1º

3000-172 Coimbra

Lisbon Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center

Rua dos Douradores, 143.5, 2nd

1400-207 Lisbon

Contracts signed in the Autonomous Region of Madeira

Rua da Figueira Preta, 10, 3rd floor

9050-014 Funchal

Porto Consumer Information and Arbitration Center

Rua Damião de Góis, 31 - Shop 6

4050-225 Porto

Vale do Ave Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center

Capitão Alfredo Guimarães Street, nº 1

4800-019 Guimarães

Center for Information, Mediation and Consumer Arbitration (Consumer Arbitral Tribunal)

BRAGA: Rua D Afonso Henriques, nº 1 (Ed Junta de Freguesia da Sé)

4700 - 030 Braga

VIANA DO CASTELO: Av. Rocha Paris, nº 103 (Edifício Vila Rosa)

4900 - 394 Viana do Castelo

In the event of an online consumer dispute, the consumer can use an online dispute resolution (ODR) system, the ODR ("online dispute resolution") platform, which is competent to resolve disputes relating to contractual obligations which resulting. online sales or service contracts. Access here the electronic platform for the out-of-court settlement of disputes in sales contracts or online services.

For complaints and complaints -  equipment (AT)

More information on the consumer portal (



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